Final Reflection: How Quickly it Went.

Throughout this ECS300 field experience I have learned a fair bit, but also have firmly cemented myself in the idea of being a teacher. I always thought I wanted to be a teacher now I know I want to be a teacher. I have learned that my students are all different, regardless if they are in the same grade, same activity interests or are around the same grade level. Students sometimes get what you and your lesson are trying to get across and other times your lesson falls on it’s face, however that’s what learning is. Making mistakes and fixing those mistakes. My lesson planning developed over the course of the eight weeks as well. I went from having to take hours to plan a lesson to only an hour or less. My lessons went from being too difficult for my grade level to slowly becoming appropriate for the grades I was teaching. My teaching become more multi dimensional and I was able to adapt more quickly and efficiently to any situations that came up during my lesson. My professional growth has developed as well, not from only my teaching but from watching the teaching of other teachers in the school. I think the best way to learn is visually seeing it be done, however the best way to remember is to do it yourself. I felt like watching other teachers teach gave me more teaching strategies I could use in my teaching and are traits I’ll carry with me.

Looking back to my first set of goals it’s a great piece to reflect on. I feel as if I have come away with a lot more knowledge in my teaching toolbox thanks to a great cooperating teacher as well as a great intern partner. Being able to teach as much as we did with many different teachers benefited my growth as well. I felt good about how I allowed my classroom to flow, as well as facilitate different ideas rather than dictate them. goals-for-ecs300-placement

I still feel strongly about the way I want to teach, however seeing and doing different ways of teaching has improved my teaching, as well as my outlook on the classroom. It feels good to know that learning is lifelong, especially if you are a teacher!

I think overall this experience has been amazing and further cemented my love for being a teacher! I hope one day I am able to inspire and effect students just as great teachers have done for me.

Looking forward to pre internship!


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