Community of Learning — An overview of teaching and learning through social interaction!

In this section of the assignment, you will be responsible for reflecting on your growth as a professional as a member of your PLN, the growth of your PLN, and the ways in which you’ve contributed to the learning community. This should include specific details, such as links to responses to others’ blog posts, feedback to presenters/students/instructors on Twitter or other online spaces, or meaningful face to face discussions of student writing in staff groups. It should also include a reflection (6-8 paragraphs) on how your contributions have enabled the collective construction of knowledge in this class and outside of it in the broader learning community.

In reviewing this assignment I wasn’t really sure where to start. I looked back at my previous blogs from ECS 300, as Sam Kitzul had mentioned we were made to blog during that class. In doing so, I found the following: I didn’t take much time to inquire into my blog space, I did it because we needed to do it for an assignment, not because I legitimately enjoyed it, or felt it was helpful. While reviewing my blog I realized that I have come a long way in my perspective, my “teachers voice”, my opinions and overall what I deemed a “good teacher” to be. As educators all we here is “reflect, “reflect, reflect” so here we go.

It’s kind of strange really. I love social media, twitter, instagram the whole deal; but when it came to working on “education related” social media, I found myself really forcing to get a blog done, or a tweet out. However, this is not the case as much this year. Tweeting has become something that I enjoy doing while in lecture, as well as reading through others tweets because I think it is another form of collaboration as well as growth.In looking through the tweets with the #ECS210 hashtag, I am one of the top tweeters because I genuinely am enjoying posing questions, or communicating with other teachers/professors/peers.

I feel like tweeting throughout ECS 210 has really validated my stand on what I deem important in education, and in my classroom. My own personal teaching philosophy is ever adapting and something I feel very strongly about. Twitter gives me an outlet to gain new resources while maintaining my own views. As I stepped forth into the realm of technology (in an educational sense) my overall views of technology began to shift, specifically about the incorporation inside of the classroom.
I have learned a ton of benefits to the use of technology within my classroom.

The possibilities are truly endless: virtual assignments, instructional videos, electronic hand in, collaborating with other schools across the world. You name it! Our community, and networking can grow so exponentially due to the use of technology while still maintaing an educational standpoint. Throughout the semester I feel my community of peers has grown, and my ability to network has substantially gotten better. A lot of our group discussion has been around what Sam Kitzul mentions in here blog as “the handout”, because of how power this handout seemingly is. Financial literacy is something I feel should be put into our school system, as a mandatory subject to take. Sam makes great note of this inside her paper. Financial literacy is something that I deem very important as the world is run on money, and financial prosperity.

Diving deeper into conversations with peers and the idea of tweeting. Technology has also allowed me to meet other students. Through tweets below, I have gotten to know other teachers, as well as further affirm my relationship with other peers. I believe this tweet from Payden shows exactly where tweeting can be helpful. Something as opinionative as what he discusses can be picked up instantly and linked quickly to another persons thoughts while maintaining on task while in class or lecture.

In conclusion I think there are many different aspects to the use of technology, as teachers we must begin to adapt to what our students are using outside our classrooms. Students also need to be taught the risks of technology, thus something we as educators can teach them. Below are other tweets that I have found contributed to my teaching philosophy and pedagogy. My growth has become exponential due to the tweeting process. Check these out below!