LAST WEEK OF TEACHING: How quickly it went!

For our last week in the school Brooklynn and I taught together again to teach a revised lesson we had already taught on Career, this time to a different class. If you have been following the blog of Tanner Brightman you know this past lesson didn’t go so well. 

This lesson went far better than our previous attempt at it because we had revised it. In doing so we changed some of the questions around we had asked previously and gave the students a little more background on what sort of things these questions were relating too. That being done helped the students a lot. I felt like this went well and Brooklynn and I were able to move group to group to talk with each one of them about their questions.

What didn’t go so well was the fact that our Grade 7 class had very little background knowledge on some of the questions we were asking them and had some pre conceived stereotypes acquired so some of the social justice issues we were talking about they didn’t believe happened, actually do. Brooklynn did a super good job of addressing the issues that these students brought up in our group discussion.

I think having us do a week of social justice lessons with a class like that would benefit them a ton. The majority of these students were blind to ideas of whiteness, or white privilege so with us bringing up these ideas, the students rejected the idea of it at first and then allowed themselves to open up to the possibility of the ideas we were talking about. This was huge as the students began to understand just why we were bringing them up.

Our last week of teaching was great, look forward to my next blog on the wrap up of this ECS300 in school internship!


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