Revised Lesson Plan: Career

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Different Questions:

1. Background: Dating back to birth of early Canada, Indigenous peoples have been manipulated and taken advantage of, as well as discriminated against. Today, Canada has come along way since those times, however there is still discrimination in today’s Canada.

Situation: An indigenous person loses their job because the boss finds out about their Indigenous ancestry, the skin color of this Indigenous person is white, however they have indigenous ancestry.

Question: What is this saying about stereotypes? Should laws but put in place to fight against this? If so, what sort of laws would be created?


2. Background: Currently minimum wage in Saskatchewan is 10 dollars, and is going up to $10.20 soon.  However other countries, specifically countries with less development are paid next to nothing. Often times these workers work in countries and are paid 30 cents per day.

Situation: A worker makes 30 cents per day working in a “third world country” to make clothes that you buy here in Saskatchewan for $30 dollars.

Question: If you believe this to be wrong, how can it be improved?

If you believe this to be acceptable, please explain why.



3. Background: Often times promotions within businesses are given to employees who have worked at the business longest, and contributed to the success of the business. However, this is not always the case and sometimes employees are given promotions before others who feel they deserve it more.

Situation: You get a promotion before an employee who has been at the company longer than you have. You feel you deserve this because you have worked hard, but the other employee feels that he/she feels they should have been promoted before you. They begin to call you names, are rude to you at every chance they get and go out of their way to make your day miserable.

Question: How will you handle this situation? What will be your plan of action? List steps in order


4. Background: During group assignments/projects certain times only part of the group does the work or assignment. This becomes annoying as the whole group gets marked for the work that only part of the group has done.

Situation: You are in a group to work on a project worth 20% percent of your final mark, the project is a large project and you have a week to complete it. Your group refuses to contribute to the project and help you. You fear you cannot do all on your own and do not want to get a bad mark.

Question: What are some potential solutions that you and your group could come to in order to make sure the work gets done, and you get a good mark.



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