Reflection: ELA Transitions

This week Brooklynn and I were on our own teaching. Brooklynn took on a Phys Ed lesson and I took on an English Transitions between sentences, and essay structure. 

My lesson started first thing in the morning and I was partially nervous to be teaching on my own for the first time. However I felt the lesson went super well. We were back teaching in our original teachers class and the students were super well behaved and attentive through the whole class. This class was awesome and I had a lot of fun teaching it. We started with some ELA aerobics to get the class moving around, then went into the different types of Transitions. We followed the I do, We do, You do model and finished the lesson with a short transition assignment for the students. 

What went well: The students were all very attentive and actively participated in the lesson which was awesome. Students were all able to finish their lessons and things went well as the students seemed to enjoy English!

What didn’t go well: My lesson ran a little short so it left some time with silent reading at the end of class. This was okay, however I wish I had a plan B to go to instead of silent reading. That would be the adaptation I would add to my lesson.

What I would change: I would add some more group examples to do together at the end. Instead of linking a sentence I would attempt to transition a paragraph to a paragraph.



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