Reflection: Career Ed

Getting caught up on reflections here.

Brooklynn and I team taught a lesson on Career Education and day -to- day problem solving. We had came up with some questions that students would face later in life. “Co worker gets a promotion before you, even though you have worked their longer, what do you do?” Questions of this nature.  We had students go through our 4 questions in groups and try to come up with the best possible solution. 

We taught this lesson in a different classroom and were warned of the potential for students acting out. This happened

Students acted out against our lesson, were loud, using racial slurs and other not proper classroom language. We tried to bring the class back multiple times but to no avail. Our cooperating teacher finally had to step in to end the lesson because our class had gotten out of hand. Our lesson didn’t finish, however we were able to see how a teacher comes down on their students to earn back respect. This was helpful for long term teaching.


What went well: One group worked super hard and gave us awesome answers, it showed they understood our assignment and took the issues at hand very serious. They apologized for the classes behaviour.


What went poorly: Obviously the outbreak of students going against our lesson was less than idea. Students were heard purposely trying to give inappropriate answers. The in ability to get the class back on track made it difficult to get any real lesson done. 

What I would change for next time: I would make our questions more clear, some students didn’t have enough background on the questions thus making them difficult to understand. Also if we had known the students better we would be able to formulate groups that would likely help prevent potential outbreaks. 




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