Response to Bullying

In your field placement, what do you perceive to be the major issues around bullying and cyberbullying?

In the classroom I am in there aren’t many students who I feel are “bullied” so much as students are left out, or very grouped. However some students step up and make efforts to include others, while others a repulsed at the idea of being a group with “him” or “her”. We have many different types of learners in our classroom thus making grouping of students more difficult. One group of girls refuses to be adapted into our groups of situations in the classroom, our teacher does a great job of monitoring this and putting these girls in different groups and in their place when they act out against the classroom rules.

What steps has the school/teacher taken the prevent these issues? How will you prevent them in your own classroom?

Our teacher in my opinion, does a great job of assuring students understand what is acceptable language in the classroom as well as what is appropriate and what is not. Students in the classroom are held to these rules and our teacher makes sure to act quickly when something not proper is said. 

I think setting up a proactive way of bullying defence is the best way to detour bullying from happening, students need to know what is acceptable and how one should talk to another, regardless of race, gender, religion etc. Students will not be tolerated for those who act against others in a disrespectful way. 


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