Reflection: ELA Transitions

This week Brooklynn and I were on our own teaching. Brooklynn took on a Phys Ed lesson and I took on an English Transitions between sentences, and essay structure. 

My lesson started first thing in the morning and I was partially nervous to be teaching on my own for the first time. However I felt the lesson went super well. We were back teaching in our original teachers class and the students were super well behaved and attentive through the whole class. This class was awesome and I had a lot of fun teaching it. We started with some ELA aerobics to get the class moving around, then went into the different types of Transitions. We followed the I do, We do, You do model and finished the lesson with a short transition assignment for the students. 

What went well: The students were all very attentive and actively participated in the lesson which was awesome. Students were all able to finish their lessons and things went well as the students seemed to enjoy English!

What didn’t go well: My lesson ran a little short so it left some time with silent reading at the end of class. This was okay, however I wish I had a plan B to go to instead of silent reading. That would be the adaptation I would add to my lesson.

What I would change: I would add some more group examples to do together at the end. Instead of linking a sentence I would attempt to transition a paragraph to a paragraph.



Reflection: Career Ed

Getting caught up on reflections here.

Brooklynn and I team taught a lesson on Career Education and day -to- day problem solving. We had came up with some questions that students would face later in life. “Co worker gets a promotion before you, even though you have worked their longer, what do you do?” Questions of this nature.  We had students go through our 4 questions in groups and try to come up with the best possible solution. 

We taught this lesson in a different classroom and were warned of the potential for students acting out. This happened

Students acted out against our lesson, were loud, using racial slurs and other not proper classroom language. We tried to bring the class back multiple times but to no avail. Our cooperating teacher finally had to step in to end the lesson because our class had gotten out of hand. Our lesson didn’t finish, however we were able to see how a teacher comes down on their students to earn back respect. This was helpful for long term teaching.


What went well: One group worked super hard and gave us awesome answers, it showed they understood our assignment and took the issues at hand very serious. They apologized for the classes behaviour.


What went poorly: Obviously the outbreak of students going against our lesson was less than idea. Students were heard purposely trying to give inappropriate answers. The in ability to get the class back on track made it difficult to get any real lesson done. 

What I would change for next time: I would make our questions more clear, some students didn’t have enough background on the questions thus making them difficult to understand. Also if we had known the students better we would be able to formulate groups that would likely help prevent potential outbreaks. 



Week 4: No Lesson Time

Oratory Contest took place this week. There were some great speeches, however it took up the morning and we were unable to teach our lesson. We will be doubling up on lessons next week!

Students were super attentive during the speeches however which was nice to see peer respect from fellow students. Being in the gym reminded me of elementary school and all the thoughts running through my head at that age about high school, life, girlfriends!

Long one for next week!

Response to Bullying

In your field placement, what do you perceive to be the major issues around bullying and cyberbullying?

In the classroom I am in there aren’t many students who I feel are “bullied” so much as students are left out, or very grouped. However some students step up and make efforts to include others, while others a repulsed at the idea of being a group with “him” or “her”. We have many different types of learners in our classroom thus making grouping of students more difficult. One group of girls refuses to be adapted into our groups of situations in the classroom, our teacher does a great job of monitoring this and putting these girls in different groups and in their place when they act out against the classroom rules.

What steps has the school/teacher taken the prevent these issues? How will you prevent them in your own classroom?

Our teacher in my opinion, does a great job of assuring students understand what is acceptable language in the classroom as well as what is appropriate and what is not. Students in the classroom are held to these rules and our teacher makes sure to act quickly when something not proper is said. 

I think setting up a proactive way of bullying defence is the best way to detour bullying from happening, students need to know what is acceptable and how one should talk to another, regardless of race, gender, religion etc. Students will not be tolerated for those who act against others in a disrespectful way. 

Week 3 — The not so Outdoor Ed

This was our third week in the classroom and Brookylnn and I had planned to take our class outside and do some team building dynamics using some outdoor ed activities. We felt as if our class was very “grouped” and not very open with one another so we felt this would be a good opportunity for us to try and get our class bonded together. Brooklynn being the outdoor ed minor has a great passion for being outside and we both looked forward to this lesson. However the weather was too cold and we were forced to adapt our lesson to fit the constraints of the classroom. Our lesson went super well and our Co-op was impressed with how we handled the class as they like to be loud and rambunctious. We had to use a few different teaching strategies in order to get their attention, but we ended up working with the lights off technique. 

Our lesson had many great ways of teamwork and forced students to get out of their clique and work with one another to accomplish a common goal. Before our lesson started Brooklynn did a great job of introducing outdoor ed and what it was really about. We talked to our students about their Reading Week break and how it went. 

I would change the lesson:

First, by having it outside.

Second, explain the games first and then have the students move and get the proper items.

Third, I would have less instruction and let the students figure things out more for themselves in the games.

Finally, I really like the environment we created with this lesson. The closure with the students was a talking circle where each student had the opportunity to talk. We discussed the importance of completing the activities without cheating. Why people cheat? What was the difference from the start of the lesson to the end (individual to group based activities). The discussion went well and it was an inviting environment where people could add their opinions without feeling oppressed. This week, I learnt that I don’t have to be the loud teacher and I can talk quietly and the students still listen. I was whispering instructions! I became more confident in seeing myself as a teacher and look forward to how I can further adapt my lessons to my students’ needs.