Culturally Responsive Classroom Management Response

Todays classroom features many different opinions, backgrounds, races, ethnic and spiritual practices with the list going much further than those listed. This is something relatively new to schools and teachers thus making it one more thing teachers must integrate into their own classroom. Doing this appears to be much harder than one may think. While using certain teaching strategies may benefit one student, it may hinder anthers ability to learn. 

I believe incorporating a sense of togetherness, teamwork and community is vital in having good classroom management as well as successful learning environment. An integral part of doing this making sure each student has a sense of belonging in that classroom and that the classroom is a open door without judgement. Students will feel more willing to answer questions in an open environment. This will benefit all students and teachers involved due to each student being on the same level of expression regardless of race, or culture. Establishing clear rules up front for all students is important, as both the reading and our cooperating teacher has mentioned to us. After setting these rules each student must be held accountable to those said rules. This way no student is capable of doing less or more than other students in both a positive and a negative way. The class all has to play by the same rules, much like a team would.


Having students all being accountable is important to the classroom yes, however differentiation is vital to the classroom as well. Each student needs to have some sort of relationship formed with the teacher, however those relationships don’t have to, and shouldn’t all be the same with each student. Learning about students and being able to interact on a personal level with them in my opinion only helps learning for that student and makes teaching easier for the teacher. Students who like and respect their teachers often times learn better from them and I believe this to be true. Differentiation in the classroom allows the accommodation of many cultures, and that begins with the teacher integrating students as much as possible. 


Teachers must value all students as equals, however understand that they do not come from equal opportunities. The classroom is and should be a open opportunity for all students to be successful as well enjoy themselves without worry of what others will think, as well as what their culture and other differentiating features are!


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