Week Number 2: Teaching My First Lesson

As we entered the school for the second time we knew that we would be teaching. Both my partner and I had some slight nerves however these were overcome very quickly due to how awesome the kids were and are. We taught a social lesson based around Identity that linked into the Indian Act. Our lesson went well and followed the time line. I think our lessons was engaging but what made it more engaging was my partner and I’s personality This lesson was definitely something we could back on and further teach, the majority of our learners had very little to no idea about the Indian Act and what it really meant. Almost every student shared something during our discussion so that was good to have the full class engaged!

Our lesson for the most part stayed on track super well. At first it was a little tough to have students speak up but a few led the discussion and others began to chime in as well. Students shared opinions over what they thought they knew about the Indian Act as well as what they didn’t know. This went better than expected as students began to try and answer other students questions! We had to skip a few questions near the end or the lesson in order to get our exit slip done. 

Our lesson could be changed in that we would cut down a few of the questions so that we could fit everything in. We could go back and look at which questions were the most important and go with those. 

I feel I learned that I am further cemented in making relationships with students in order to better dive into instructing them. Students definitely learn better from someone they like and respect so I feel this is a big part to why we teach. Building relationships with students to better impact their learning. I also learned that my lesson plan has to be in better order or have a better organizational aspect to it, I was fumbling around through papers..


Looking forward to this coming week!


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