The Intern before Pre Interning: Episode 1

A recap of the first day out on the job!

After meeting our cooperating teacher for the first time (she is a very nice and very down to earth woman) we were able to discuss our values and philosophies as up and coming teachers and compare them to how she saw the classroom and school setting. We are fortunate to have such a wonderful cooperating teacher who also shares a very humanistic approach to teaching and looks at relationships and social skills as very important teacher focuses, as well as curriculum of course. The classroom is one of many different types of learners and different personalities, all making for a great teacher environment as well as a great teaching practice. 

Our cooperating teacher isn’t afraid of making mistakes and being honest with her students, this I found very appealing and refreshing as I find sometimes find teachers are afraid to be wrong in front of their students. Our teacher also used some great strategies to tie her lessons together and technology to keep the class interested in what she was teaching. Next week my partner and I are teaching a lesson on Citizenship in Canada, looking forward to seeing what the classroom is like being at the front of it instead of the back of it. 

What we did:

For the first day we mostly observed and tried to get a feeler what the class was like. We had Math, French, and Career in the morning.


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