Goals for ECS300 Placement

  1. My first goal in this new encounter in the school is to take as much away from my cooperating teacher as possible. It would be great to walk away from this experience with 10 times the knowledge I walked in with as well as more resources to help myself in my teaching.
  • Steps

– Ask the Coop regularly for what she is able to give my partner and I for the week leading up. Ask if its possible to have her lesson plans.

– allow our Coop to view our lesson plans in hope she will give us feedback to help to our growth

Data collection

-Make organized folders and notes of what our Coop and partner give us and tell us during our field experience.  

 2. My second goal is to facilitate the direction of my classroom and not to dictate it. Allow students to have freedom and to make sure they are able to voice their opinion without fear of their ideas and opinions being shut down. Setting up social skills as well as diving into curriculum. 


– Allow for discussion periods on social issues

– Give kids Idea sheets or Lightbulb sheets — write the first thing that comes to mind when the Teacher says a word or phrase.

Data collection

– Blind survey students to see how they are feeling about being more open.



  1. My third goal is to not mumble when I speak and speak clearly so that my learners are able to grasp the instructions I am giving.


-Ask students if they have understood everything correctly

-Have students use exit slips with questions like : on a scale of 1-5 how clear was todays lesson


Data collection:

Have my partner listen closely to determine if in fact I was clear and concise. 



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